Independently facilitated forums, which engage your senior leaders in the deeper conversation regarding the impact and benefits of creating gender equality.

We work with your senior leaders and / or your board to:

• Map the systemic issues, unconscious bias and blind spots that inhibit gender equity.

• Commit to practical interventions to shift current dynamics – actions rather than words.

• Enrol the support and leadership of key leaders and influencers throughout your organisation, creating a groundswell of support.

• Enable sponsorship of more women throughout your leadership pipeline.


Accessing Systemic Intelligence

Your people have the day-to-day experience of what is really happening in your organisation, and know the systemic, structural and cultural issues men and women face as they seek to progress their careers within your business. Our process includes voices from both genders and every level of the organisation to provide breadth and depth of insight. We are senior facilitators who are adept at bringing to the surface unseen, unknown and unheard elements that are creating the employee experience, uncovering valuable systemic insights. These lead to powerful discussions and conversations that harness ideas and answers that exist within the business, yet are rarely heard.

These insights, and the business intelligence surfaced, are then presented back in a frank discussion format with the senior leaders of the organisation.

What will you learn from this process?

• The subtle, nuanced and rarely spoken stories, insights and issues that are potentially inhibiting a constructive culture.

• The opportunity for different parts of the organisation who would not normally connect and share opinions to connect and share their successes and challenges.

• What’s really going on at the grass roots, unfiltered, raw and real (we are often told that what is presented to senior leaders is the ‘sanitised version’) – we deliberately seek out  unseen and unknown elements.


A key facet to achieving gender equity in organisations, is considering how and why succession planning may favour particular groups, while potentially disadvantaging others. 

Bringing Succession Planning into the open, for non-biased, transparent conversations, often surfaces unconscious bias. When senior leaders are well informed and supported to understand the impact of a Succession Planning approach that is sensitive to the systemic needs of the organisation, stability and continuity will naturally flow for the organisation.