The Future of Work is here – are you ready?

What work looks like, who you employ and how they work is all changing ….As we look to the future, technological influences such as AI and automation, Robo Readers, driverless cars and 3D printing, will all influence what your business does, how successful you are, and how well you compete with others in the marketplace.

The gig economy, remote working and global mobility are changing the nature of employment relationships. This is impacting the skills, capabilities and experiences that will be available to you and will force a more creative approach to resourcing within your organisation.

What work looked like ten years ago, who you employed, what they did and where they worked is changing, and organisations need to recognise and adapt to this new reality.

Get it wrong, and you face a desperate fate of competing for mediocre talent to do the basics, whilst your competitors benefit from cost savings technology and the ability to attract global talent to drive best practice in their business.

An organisation’s culture and leaders are the two most potent resources available to you to navigate this dynamic, both today and into the future. No longer just a “nice to have”, a high performance culture will help you attract and retain top talent who have the capacity and capability to leverage the advantages, and mitigate the risks, of the Future of Work.

At Pearman & Partners we partner with you to determine how prepared you are for the Future of Work. Is your organisation’s culture enabling the future? Do the people in your organisation have the desire and capability to lead the change.